sky[nav]pro™ products

Improved flight safety through the worldwide first navigation solution that unites weather, 2-way-communication, live-tracking and collision avoidance in one single Box. sky[nav]pro™ is a mobile integrated avionic system, which needs a lightweight and portable hardware Box. Together with an appropriate data plan, the system offers you worldwide accessibility to data while flying. sky[nav]pro™ offers a seamless integration into third-party providers like ForeFlight, Skydemon or Avidyne.

Box Models:

BlueLine terrestric, for telemetry data and offline tracking

RedLine terrestric for collision avoidance

BlueLine satellite, for weather, tracking and 2-way-communication

RedLine satellite for collision avoidance, tracking, weather and 2-way-communication

Online Flight Planning & Navigation App included included included included
GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou-Sensor included included included included
Speed, Heading, Altitude
included included included included
g-forces Sensor included included included included
Flight Recording (T/O & LDG) included included included included
Wi-Fi Hotspot included included included included
ARINC 429 & RS232 Interface - - included included
Realtime & Worldwide Aircraft Tracking - - included included
Radar, Strike and Wind data from DWD - - included included
Traffic Monitor with ADS-B and FLARM® - included - included
2-Way-Worldwide-Text-Communication - - included included
Price 690,- € 1.590,- € 890,- € 1.990,- €

Data Plan Data-Plan terrestric

    fits for all "terrestric" Boxes

Price per month
Weather per hour
Tracking per hour
for Europe
19,- € included included included 12 months

Data Plan Data-Plan satellite

    fits for all "satellite" Boxes

Price per month
Weather per hour
Tracking per hour
49,- € 6,99 € 1,99 € 0,99 € 12 months

Prepaid Data-Plan satellite

    fits for all "satellite" Boxes

Weather requests for
Requests forPrice
Prepaid Bundle S 5 Hours 69,00 € Worldwide Tracking 10 Hours 25,00 €
Prepaid Bundle M 10 Hours 99,00 € Textmessages 10 Messages 15,00 €
Prepaid Bundle L 25 Hours 229,00 €

In the past a second subscription for the DWD weather data (PC_met) was required. This is no longer needed. All you pay are the satellite charges listed above. A fair use policy applies.
Customers will be invoiced in €, conversion to individual currency on invoice date, is responsibility of the customer.
All plans are invoiced monthly, payable within 14 business days.
Prepaid valid for 30 days from activation.
A upgrade to the RedLine satellite Box is possible.
Packages include:
- 12V cigarette lighter power adapter. Operation on a external 12V power supply possible.
- EASA "Minor Change Approval" on request, please provide us your type of aircraft.
All Pricing is in € including VAT. excl. shipping.