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sky[nav]pro™ BlueLine terrestric Box is a small, portable pocket-sized europewide operating communication box, which can be carried aboard every airplane. Connected through an external power bank, the box functions independent from the on-board electrical system for several hours. Internal and external antennas are available to be connected to the box. The SOS button for emergencies is protected by a sliding cover and also integrated into the box.

sky[nav]pro™ BlueLine terrestric Box includes data link for in-flight weather, 2-way-text-communication and realtime aircraft tracking & monitoring, europe wide, while flying on a low altitude and GPRS/3G connectivity from a ground station is available

Access to in-flight weather, 2-way-communication and realtime aircraft tracking & monitoring is possible by purchasing a monthly data plan along with the box.

sky[nav]pro™ BlueLine integrates quickly into your exisiting avionics systems. Minor Change Approvals and EASA Standard Changes are available for many aircraft types simplifying the legal part of the installation process, whenever it`s required to have a fixed installation.

Via the sky[nav]pro™ BlueLine terrestric bidirectional ground communication takes place, which enables for low flying aircrafts tracking from the ground but also makes weather depiction and 2-way-communication with the pilot possible. Our Navigation App can be downloaded (iOS, Android) from the store for free. During flight, flight data is collected which can later be used for evaluation and bookkeeping purposes. Included are Block Off Times, GPS Positions, Altitude, Direction of flight and flown route, amongst others.

 Product features of the BlueLine terrestric Box:
•    GPS/GLONASS/Galilea/BeiDou - Sensor
•    G-forces Sensor
•    Speed, Heading, Altitude
•    Flight Recording (T/O & LDG)
•    Telemetrie Data
•    Emergency Button
•    Integrated data storage for post flight evaluation

Free Services:
•    Online Flight Planning
•    Navigation App
•    Aeronautical Charts, terrain and vertical route profile, approach charts
•    GAFOR integrated in planning portal
•    METAR/TAF information
•    Online weather for planning and navigation

Pay-per-Use europe-wide:
•    Single data-link channel via GPRS/3G ground stations
•    in flight Weather (Radar, Strike & Wind), including PC_Met-Account
•    2-way-text communication
•    tracking & monitoring
•    SOS Emergency Button Feature

Connectivity: Wifi, GPRS/3G europewide

Administration: Web interface, automated payment, individual pilot ID, fleet surveillance, limit surveillance, limit alarm function, retrieval of stored data.

Managed Data: Free Navigation App (iOS & Android), aviation charts, terrain data, airspace data, airport data, aircraft data, fuel calculation, flight log, counting of landings, statistics.

How is this working and what’s the process?
After receiving your complete bundle, simply activate the data plan by phone, online or via Email ( For this you need the box ID, which is located on the box. Only after the activation has taken place can the box be used with the corresponding data plan. The monthly fees start with the successful activation of the box. Count on one to two working days for this process to be completed. With activation of data services, the Box can be operated through europe without limitation of data traffic. At the end of the month you will receive a overview of booked and used times. This includes a detailed listing of all times and data.

Delivery Contents:
•    sky[nav]pro™ BlueLine terrestric Box
•    Quickstart Guide in DE/ EN
•    12V Cigarette lighter adapter

•    Dimensions: 160 * 125 * 40 mm (L*W*H)
•    Supply voltage: 9-32 V DC
•    Weight: 0,31kg

To achieve best results we recommend to operate the Box with external Antennas. Our Slogan: Unbox, Connect, Fly.

Price per Box, including 19% VAT, excl. shipping

!!! Please note: Due to high demand, the average delivery time is between six and eight weeks !!!

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